Pre-Season Update

Dear Parents/Players,

The numbers for the upcoming season have been very sporadic, which has made it almost impossible for the Committee to make decisions about things such as uniforms, the number of teams, the coaches required etc. People need to understand that the reason we have Registration Days (we had 6 of them) is to allow the club to have everything ready for the kids before the season kicks off. Our goal is always to give everyone a game, so based on the current position, the club will need everyone’s support to make this happen.

So, as it stands the Club will run a Grading Process for all teams over the first 2-3 weeks of pre-season training to assess the players, as to where they will be best suited in getting a spot and where they are at in their development. Players may be moved up or down, we will do our best to accommodate player/parent needs, but the final decision will come down to the club (Remember: we want every player to have a spot).

Pre-Season will look like this:

• No trials, just Grading.
• First 2-3 weeks of Pre-Season training will be Grading (Coach’s, Assistant Coach’s, Committee & independent officials, will look at the players for: Skill, Attitude and Effort (please make sure you attend all sessions over this period).
• Final Squads will be announced once Grading has been completed.
• After this point you will train in your allocated squad for the 2018 season
• Good Luck!

For all preseason start dates please click here


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