Thank you for 2019

Dear GUSC Family,

On behalf of the GUSC Committee, I would like to say, “Thank you”.

Thank you for being a part of our club for the 2019 season and thank you to everyone who has done their part to support our community.

• Referee’s
• Linesmen/Lineswoman
• The parents that setup the goals for the miniroos games
• The parents who made sure the kids had their half time snacks
• The canteen staff that made sure we had a hot beverage in the mornings and on those dreaded cold nights. But more importantly a cold drink to celebrate a Seniors win
• Our Equipment and Facilities staff, who made sure the grounds and facilities always looked great
• Our coaches who coached to the best of their abilities, plus more
• Our Team Managers for keeping every parent and player updated with everything that was happening at the club
• Our Co-ordinators for running and managing all 20 teams that we had at the club this season
• Our committee for running our club and making it a family environment for all to enjoy

But most of all, THANK YOU TO OUR PLAYERS!!! Thank you for being apart of this fantastic club where we try to make it enjoyable for all. Winning, loosing, it doesn’t matter. You guys always had a smile on your face, which made every hour we put in behind the scenes worth it in the end.

We hope you had an enjoyable season and hope to see you all next season.

If you would like to play at Greenvale United SC next season, please fill out our Expression of Interest form for New and Existing Players so you can be notified on registration dates directly.

425 thoughts on “Thank you for 2019

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